• Dr Philip Tam

    Dr. Philip Tam and others from the NIIRA group are available to present lectures or interactive workshops to parenting groups, the general public, or schooling/ education groups.

  • Philip Tam and Garry Walter

    This article describes the emergence of, and myriad issues pertaining to, problematic internet use in childhood and youth. In this overview and appraisal of a uniquely 21st century affliction, the focus is on youth and less on young adult perspectives.

  • Dr. Philip Tam

    Dr. Philip Tam regularly gives workshops and presentations about Problematic Internet Use and practical advice on its treatment, to both a general and a professional audience. These have been very well-received, and you can view Dr.

  • Scott Mannion

    When children are young their imaginations, their minds, are staved for stimulation; through advancements in technology and psychology, game companies have been able to take full advantage of this.

  • The Internet provides creative writers with many opportunities: instant access to information on the craft and business of writing; research opportunities; social networking; and electronic publishing. But it also brings challenges, and risks encroaching on the creative process.

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